Marius Pallisgaard Olsen


My name is Marius Olsen and I am a software engineer from Aalborg, Denmark. I graduated in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and in 2013 with a master's degree in Software Engineering with specialisation in Human Computer Interaction.

10th Semester project (1/2)

We develop a cross-device cross-platform application, JuxtaPinch, that allows a group of collocated users to share photos ad-hoc, utilizing the screens of their smartphones and tablets as one big screen. The application allows users to add and remove devices during use, which grants them the opportunity to play with and explore photos in a new way.

10th Semester project (2/2)

We develop a collocated cross-device application for “Where’s Waldo” that allows users to explore a Waldo picture. Users must physically move two iPads around in order to explore different parts of the picture.

9th Semester project

This project researches interaction techniques for card games in a cross-device setup where a tablet functions as the playing table and smartphones are the player hands. Download

8th Semester project

This project explores the possibility of creating a mobile game that utilises indoor positioning through the SmartCampusAAU library. The game, called Mymo Treasure Hunt, has been developed in cooperation with Mymo®. Download

7th Semester project

Alfred is short for "Alfred lets Fembers relax every day" and is a system developed under the topic of the Internet of Things. The system enables users to connect a number of devices to the Internet through a Home Proxy. Download

6th Semester project

We propose an automatic simulation with pseudo-random behaviour for the modeling formalism of timed-arc Petri nets. To achieve this, we extend timed-arc Petri nets with the ca- pability to calculate future behaviour in all available time points. Download

5th Semester project

This project details the development of a poker agent. The report contains theory for estimating poker odds, and the creation of a learning poker agent. The agent is created through the use of a Bayesian network for a decision network, and a k-nearest neighbour algorithm for learning through pattern recognition. Download

4th Semester project

The demand for efficient computational power is greater than ever. The focus of this report is generation of optimised code. It examines the basics of optimising code and the different approaches. The report also documents the process of generating a compiler, named C/3-PO, which will output optimised code, as well as a programming language, named C/3. Download

Mini sound tank

A litte hobby prject of mine. Nik Nowak created in 2011 "Panzer" which measured 250cm x 350cm 140cm. I do not have the equipment, money or space to build a full scale replica, so i decided to start small. Have a look!

Bårse B&B

My grandparents own and run a bed and breakfast located in Bårse in southern Zealand. Garden enthusiasts will especially enjoy the stay, and the hostess will gladly guide around the family's large herb and fruit garden – a little “botanical” wonder in the middle of the village. More info


Marius Pallisgaard Olsen
Bavnebakken 87,
9530 Støvring.

Mobil: +45 6068 8607
Skype: wiimix

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